&be Contour Pen

&be Contour Pen, $90以上, andbe, Contour, Highlighter & Contour
&be Contour Pen, $90以上, andbe, Contour, Highlighter & Contour

&be Contour Pen

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For an ideal face shape and a firm, small face
A shading pen that adds depth and dimension to the face

1. Easy to use crayon type shading pencil

Smooth and natural finish.

This crayon-style shading pen is easy to use. It glides effortlessly over the skin, blending effortlessly with the skin to create the perfect tone. The result is an effortless, natural look that makes your face look firmer and smaller.

2. Total care for face shape problems, sagging, swelling and bulges

Create the ideal face shape. To make yourself look younger.

We can create the ideal face shape by taking into account the type of face, such as round, long or elongated. Shading under the chin and along the face line can reduce the appearance of a double chin, sagging and puffiness, and give a more youthful look.

3. Skin care during make-up

Contains skin care and moisturizing ingredients

This silicon-free formula will not clog pores and is recommended for use on acne-prone facial lines. (Non-comedogenic test*1) In addition, it contains skin conditioning ingredients*2 that prevent skin irritation and moisturizing ingredients*3 that support barrier function. It helps to maintain healthy skin while applying makeup.

4. Skin-free formula

Does not contain silicone oil, mineral oil, synthetic surface active agents, UV absorbers, parabens, ethanol, synthetic colorants or synthetic fragrances. Can be removed with soap-based detergents and hot water. Gentle, patch-tested, non-comedogenic formula

Directions for use

After applying UV primer or foundation, draw a line about 5 mm along the face, forehead and chin.
Blend outward with your fingers or a sponge until the line is completely invisible.

Country of manufacture: Japan
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