BULK HOMME Skincare Set

BULK HOMME Skincare Set, $90以上, Brand Trial Set, bulk homme
BULK HOMME Skincare Set, $90以上, Brand Trial Set, bulk homme
BULK HOMME Skincare Set, $90以上, Brand Trial Set, bulk homme
BULK HOMME Skincare Set, $90以上, Brand Trial Set, bulk homme

BULK HOMME Skincare Set

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BULK HOMME Men's Efficient Cleansing Set:

Face Wash 100g x 1

Toner 200ml x 1

Moisturizing Lotion (Lotion) 100g x 1

(The large cardboard box that contains 3 boxes may have been removed to save shipping volume and cost)

Thoroughly cleanses the face with moisturizing ingredients and leaves it feeling clean and soft.

Completely cleanses the pores of the face, deep cleanses and thoroughly cleanses the face of oil and dirt.

BULK HOMME is the fastest growing men's care brand in Japan in the past few years, its care products from the beginning of the limited purchase online to now launch a limited flash store and even in the Loft also has a counter.

BULK means content and HOMME means male in French. These two words from different countries are combined to make a basic care product that is suitable for men all over the world.

BULK HOMME's care products are close to men's lives and are simple and refreshing, and the packaging design is also white x black, which is very elegant. This is one of the reasons why BULK HOMME is loved by many Japanese men. After using BULK HOMME products, your skin will become very fresh and comfortable, and you will develop the habit of using it every day.

7 main ingredients:

1. Apple extract

High antioxidant power, help prevent skin aging

It also moisturizes and improves the skin's elasticity and luster.

2. Tamatsukuri Hot Spring Water
Tamatsukuri Hot Spring in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, is a well-known ancient beauty spa in Japan.
The natural spring water penetrates deep into the skin to enhance the skin's luster and moisture.

3. Glycerol Glucoside
It can protect the skin from external stimuli, maintain skin moisture, whiten and improve skin metabolism.
The skin can be so good that it is praised by the people around you thanks to this ingredient.

4. hydrolyzed silk protein
The skin's absorbency and permeability are very good, can be moisturized to the bottom of the skin's corneal layer.

5. Tea Leaf Extract
It has anti-inflammatory and highly antibacterial effects, and is also effective for pore tightening.

6. Grapefruit Extract
Helps to improve the dry skin prone to small lines, blackheads, dark spots, acne pimples and other problems.
It is also an indispensable ingredient for maintaining clear and beautiful skin.

7. White willow bark extract
If you leave your dry skin alone, you will let the old keratin build up and your skin condition will get worse and rougher.
White willow bark extract can help exfoliate and correct skin metabolism problems.

Made in Japan
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