chant a charm Cleansing Milk 130mL

chant a charm Cleansing Milk 130mL
chant a charm Cleansing Milk 130mL
chant a charm Cleansing Milk 130mL

chant a charm Cleansing Milk 130mL

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Introducing our multi-functional cleansing product that not only removes makeup but also takes care of pores and replenishes ceramides.

Chant a Charm's popular item, "Cleansing Milk," has been renewed with a new formula.

Formulated with "plant-derived ceramides," it supports the skin's barrier function by replenishing ceramides in the morning and evening. It also contains "Kawaranadeshiko" and "clay" to dissolve and adsorb dirt clogged in the pores. It effectively removes heavy makeup and leaves the skin moisturized and supple after cleansing. It is recommended as the first step towards achieving beautiful skin.

*Alcohol-free formula
*Patch tested for sensitive skin (not guaranteed to be non-irritating for all individuals)

*1 Plant-derived ceramides [Rice bran sphingoglycolipids] (moisturizing/anti-irritation)
*2 Kawaranadeshiko seed extract (moisturizing)
*3 Bentonite (cleansing ingredient)

Let's "save ceramides* every day.

|About Ceramides

Dryness, clogged pores, lack of elasticity... Could ceramide deficiency be the cause of your skin troubles? Ceramides play a crucial role as the foundation of the skin, providing moisturizing and barrier functions, protecting the skin from external irritations. However, ceramides decrease daily during cleansing and actually decrease by half by the age of 50. That's why Chant a Charm focuses on "saving ceramides*." We have dedicated ourselves to a formula that "does not deplete but replenishes" ceramides, which is essential during daily cleansing.

*Providing rice bran sphingoglycolipids (moisturizing/anti-irritation)

|Recommended for Layering

Chant a Charm's products for cleansing to protecting all contain plant-derived ceramides*2. By using products with ceramides*2 every day, it helps maintain the skin's barrier function and moisturizing function, protecting the current moisture and tomorrow's beauty.

*1 Only available in the Basic Line *2 Plant-derived ceramides [Rice bran sphingoglycolipids] (moisturizing/anti-irritation)

|Removing Makeup while Caring for Pores

|Clearing Blackheads*

|Melting with Kawaranadeshiko

As a suitable ingredient for cleansing milk, it contains Kawaranadeshiko*, which contains saponins. Kawaranadeshiko* deeply penetrates into pores and melts away dirt, leading to smooth and supple skin. *Kawaranadeshiko seed extract (cleansing ingredient)

|Adsorbing Dirt with Clay

Once the dirt is melted, clay* quickly catches and adsorbs it. It removes excess sebum without stripping away essential moisture, leaving the skin moisturized and supple after washing. *Bentonite (cleansing ingredient)

|Cleansing while Replenishing Ceramides

Even during cleansing, when ceramides* are prone to be lost, this product incorporates plant-derived ceramides from rice bran, allowing for replenishment of ceramides*. By using it daily, it helps maintain the normal barrier function and keeps the skin moisturized. *Plant-derived ceramides [Rice bran sphingoglycolipids] (moisturizing/anti-irritation)

|Thoroughly Removing Makeup

|Waterproof Makeup OK

We have achieved a formula that effectively removes waterproof makeup and skin dirt without relying on petroleum-based surfactants. It removes only dirt without stripping away essential moisture, ensuring a thorough cleanse without the need for double cleansing.

|Safe for Eyelash Extensions & No Double Cleansing Required

It has passed the cleansing test for three types* of eyelash extension glues. It changes from milk to oil, allowing it to remove water-based skin dirt and then transform into oil to remove oil-based makeup dirt. Therefore, double cleansing is not necessary. (*Ethyl cyanoacrylate, butyl cyanoacrylate, ethoxy cyanoacrylate)

|How to Use

*The usage remains the same as the previous version before renewal.

STEP 1 | Massage with Milk
Take 2-3 pumps on dry hands and gently massage the milky texture onto the skin, removing surface dirt.

STEP 2 | Blend into the Skin
While massaging, further blend the product into the skin to remove not only airborne dirt but also old keratin.

STEP 3 | Milk Melts into Oil
As moisture gradually evaporates, the product transforms into an oil texture, thoroughly capturing oil-based dirt such as makeup and excess sebum.

STEP 4 | Return to Milk with Lukewarm Water
When rinsing off, the product turns back into a milky texture upon contact with water, leaving the skin moisturized and hydrated after cleansing.

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