Elixir Brightening Lotion WT I

Elixir Brightening Lotion WT
Elixir Brightening Lotion WT
Elixir Brightening Lotion WT

Elixir Brightening Lotion WT I

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Product Features (Quasi-Drug)
Elixir Whitening※3 & Aging Care※2
Focusing on the knowledge of the world's first light analysis system※4.
A medicated whitening lotion that leads to transparent and firm "radiant skin".

※2 Aging care refers to moisturizing care tailored to age.
※3 Whitening cosmetics suppress the production of melanin and prevent freckles and dark spots.
※4 It is the world's first technology that can separate and measure all light from the skin and analyze it visually in detail. Clarivate survey (September 2022)

- It delivers moisture deeply into the stratum corneum with a penetrating formula while giving the skin firmness with carefully selected beauty ingredients.

- It leads to skin that continues to shine with transparency and firmness.
- Contains whitening active ingredient 4MSK (potassium 4-methoxysalicylate)
- Contains medicated active ingredient dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (prevents skin irritation)
- Contains carefully selected ingredients Deep Moist in CP (Melilotus extract, glycerin: moisturizing)
- Contains collagen GL (water-soluble collagen, glycerin: moisturizing)
- Contains carefully selected ingredients M-Bouncer CP (Ophiopogon japonicus extract, glycerin: firmness and moisturizing)

- It has a relaxing and pleasant aqua floral fragrance.

- It reduces the visibility of fine lines caused by dryness. (Effect evaluation test conducted)

- Allergy tested
(Not everyone will have an allergic reaction)

■ Texture (Sensation)
Ⅰ: Refreshing type that feels refreshing and moisturizing

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