ETVOS Mineral CC Cream

ETVOS Mineral CC Cream, $90以上, CC Primer, etvos, Make Up Primer
ETVOS Mineral CC Cream, $90以上, CC Primer, etvos, Make Up Primer
ETVOS Mineral CC Cream, $90以上, CC Primer, etvos, Make Up Primer

ETVOS Mineral CC Cream

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ETVOS Mineral CC Cream SPF38 PA+++ 30g
ETVOS Mineral CC Cream

Creates a luminous, natural and transparent look. It is formulated with herbal oil extracts to protect against dryness caused by external factors. The SPF38 PA+++ sunscreen effectively blocks UV rays and protects the skin from damage.

Point1: Cover up pores with one swipe for a lustrous finish

It naturally covers large pores and disturbed lines, and gives the skin a healthy glow without being heavy, as if it were "so beautiful as it is". The day you want to put on makeup naturally, you can finish it with a single swipe after skincare.

SPF38 PA +++ is effective in blocking daily UV rays. ETVOS CC Cream has been tested and proven to be effective in reducing UVA (up to 340~400nm) and blue light (400~450nm), which cause various skin problems, by 66% or more* and over 66%* to protect the skin from daily UV damage.

Point2 with plant extracts to care for skin texture and protect the skin from environmental pollution damage

With the addition of 3 cosmetic ingredients, it can prevent dryness damage caused by ultraviolet rays, air pollution, tobacco, exhaust and other environmental factors.
In addition, four types of Ceramide*2 help to moisturize the skin, and in recent years, "Tetrahydropyrimidine*1*3" and "Glycogen*1", which are important for activating the "heat shock proteins" that repair the skin, effectively help to repair damage to the skin caused by light damage (including blue light and ultraviolet light from screens) and dry weather, strengthen the resistance of cells to stress at the source, and prevent moisture loss. It also helps to prevent moisture loss.
It also contains ingredients such as "orange peel extract" to moisturize and shine the skin, and "licorice extract*1" to prevent skin roughness and wrinkles, so that the skin can be taken care of at the same time as makeup.

Point3 No need to use makeup remover, zero burden on the skin

No UV absorbers, silica, talc, mineral oil, petroleum-based surface-active agents, synthetic colorants, or synthetic fragrances are used. It can be removed with soap and warm water without clogging the pores, and the skin will not feel burdened.
*Before washing your face, pre-wash with warm water and then use a foam net to create a dense lather for cleansing.
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