ETVOS Ultimoist Lotion 120mL

ETVOS Ultimoist Lotion 12mL, $90以上
ETVOS Ultimoist Lotion 12mL, $90以上
ETVOS Ultimoist Lotion 12mL, $90以上
ETVOS Ultimoist Lotion 12mL, $90以上
ETVOS Ultimoist Lotion 12mL, $90以上
ETVOS Ultimoist Lotion 12mL, $90以上

ETVOS Ultimoist Lotion 120mL

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Enriched with ETVOS exclusive Ceramicial® compound
Neuroamide and Niacinamide to keep skin fresh and healthy
and rich in moisturizing ingredients
Eggplant extract from Osaka Izumi Prefecture and natural luxurious moisturizing ingredients
The skin is refined and moisturized.

Point1 Ceramicial® Complex*1 moisturizes the stratum corneum and tones the skin

Niacinamide*3, a cosmetic ingredient of vitamin B, and five neuroamides*2 moisturize the stratum corneum at the same time, making the moisturizing effect last longer. Because it is a highly skin-friendly ceramide*2, it penetrates easily into the stratum corneum and provides excellent moisturizing ingredients for dry skin.

*1 Moisturizing ingredient: human ceramide (ceramide EOP, NG, NP, AG, AP), niacinamide
*2 Moisturizing ingredients: Ceramide EOP, NG, NP, AG, AP
*3 Humectant ingredients

Point2 A water-locking formula that locks moisture in the skin structure and prevents it from dissipating.

The cosmetic ingredient "Mizuna" (eggplant extract*3) from Osaka Izumi Prefecture contains abundant moisturizing ingredients to nourish the skin, and two types of hyaluronic acid*4 to lock moisture in the skin and maintain a fresh feeling.

※3 Moisturizing ingredients

*4 Moisturizing ingredient: sodium hyaluronate

Point3 beauty ingredients penetrate easily, leaving moisture in the stratum corneum and making the skin look more hydrated.

Contains the cosmetic ingredients POs-Ca®*5 and Lipidure®*6, which provide the ultimate in moisturization for dry skin, leaving it fresh and non-sticky.

*5 Moisturizing ingredient: Phosphoric acid oligosaccharide Ca ("POs-Ca®" is a registered trademark of Ezaki-Glico Co.)
*6 Moisturizing ingredient: Polyquaternium-51 ("Lipijia®" is a registered trademark of Nikkei Oil Co.)

Point4 Low-irritation formula with a soft fragrance that does not contain petroleum-based surfactants, mineral oil, silicone, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens or alcohol

Gentle to the skin, suitable for all skin types. The gentle and soothing scent of natural lavender soothes the mind and skin.
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