FANCL BC Beauty Concentrate 18mL

FANCL BC Beauty Concentrate 18mL

FANCL BC Beauty Concentrate 18mL

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FANCL's top anti-aging serum. The luxurious combination of rose rich placenta approaches the problems of aging. It frees the skin from worries and gives it a beautiful elasticity and a firmer, more beautiful skin than ever before. Efficacy tested to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness.

Application sequence
Cleansing ⇒ Face wash ⇒ BC Intensive Skin Booster ⇒ Makeup ⇒ BC Beauty Concentrate ⇒ Emulsion ⇒ BC Night Intensive Cream

Recommended amount to use
2 pushes

Recommended usage
18mL: For about 30 days

【Fresh Period】opened/within 60 days unopened/within 2 years
No preservatives, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum surfactants, or UV absorbers are used. *Low acidity, date of manufacture included.

Caution when sending products by airmail.
This product does not fall under the category of air hazardous materials as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Law.

*Aging care refers to age-appropriate care.

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