FANCL BC Intensive Skin Booster 3 Sets

FANCL BC Intensive Skin Booster 3 Sets

FANCL BC Intensive Skin Booster 3 Sets

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A booster serum that provides quick and intensive care for skin suffering from lack of firmness and elasticity and dullness in one month.
a vitamin C derivative with excellent penetration power, rapidly penetrates into clean skin after cleansing. It provides fast-acting anti-aging and brightening care while increasing skin density, which tends to become loose. Skin is noticeably firmer, more elastic, and more translucent.

For about 1 month (3 bottles)
Powder 0.3g x 3 bottles, Essence 10mL x 3 bottles, Dropper cap x 3 bottles

Directions for use
This is a two-in-one serum mixture made by mixing one powder and two essences immediately before use. By using it on the skin immediately after cleansing, it quickly and deeply penetrates the skin to deliver more vitamin C.

Order of use
Facial Cleansing ⇒ BC Intensive Skin Booster ⇒ Makeup ⇒ BC Beauty Concentrate ⇒ Emulsion ⇒ BC Night Intensive Cream *Can be used morning and evening.

Approximate amount to be used
1 yen coin
Approx. 1 month's supply (3 bottles) *As long as used morning and evening, each bottle lasts for approx. 10 days.

No preservatives, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum surfactants, or UV absorbers are used. Packing date included.

Note when sending products by airmail.
*This product is not classified as dangerous goods by the Civil Aeronautics Act.

*Aging care refers to age-appropriate care. *"Dullness" is dirt caused by old horny layer.

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