FANCL Beauty Bouquet Gel 85g

FANCL Beauty Bouquet Gel 85g

FANCL Beauty Bouquet Gel 85g

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A multifunctional gel with five functions in one product, containing abundant moisturizing and emollient ingredients such as the beauty oil "squalane.
Its thickening formula contains rare Japanese Gagome Kelp extract, which boasts surprising water retention. The plump and comfortable gel fills the skin with moisture and delivers plenty of cosmetic liquid ingredients deep into the stratum corneum. The longer you use the gel, the fresher your skin will become.

5 functions in 1 product: Moisturizer, essence, pack, massage, and eye care
Order of use
Makeup remover ⇒ Facial cleanser ⇒ Cosmetic ⇒ Multifunctional gel/cream/milky lotion

Approximate amount to use
1 push *When using a pack or massage, use twice the normal recommended amount.

Approximate usage
85g: For about 2 months (120 times)

Freshness period
After opening/6 months
No preservatives or synthetic fragrances are used.

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