FANCL Calcium 30 Days

FANCL Calcium 30 Days

FANCL Calcium 30 Days

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Calcium, which is essential for the formation of bones and teeth, is said to be the mineral most deficient in the Japanese population. FANCL has combined polyglutamic acid, which enhances the absorption of calcium, which is difficult to absorb as it is, with vitamin D, which is involved in absorption, and magnesium, which helps bone growth. It also contains vitamin D, which is involved in calcium absorption, and magnesium, which aids bone growth. The small, easy-to-swallow tablet is designed to be easily taken.

Recommended daily dosage
5 tablets

Main Ingredients / 5 tablets per day
Calcium: 400mg, Magnesium: 200mg, Vitamin D: 2.5μg, Polyglutamic acid: 60mg

Nutritional Label
Calcium and magnesium are nutrients necessary for the formation of bones and teeth. Magnesium is necessary for the normal functioning of many enzymes in the body and for energy production, as well as for maintaining normal blood circulation. Vitamin D is a nutrient that promotes calcium absorption in the intestinal tract and aids in bone formation.

Infants and children should not take this product. (Infants and children can obtain sufficient magnesium, zinc, and copper from their normal diet and do not need to take supplements.) ) *This product is not intended to cure any disease or promote better health by high intake. This product may cause soft stools (diarrhea) if taken in large quantities. Unlike food for specified health use, this product has not been individually reviewed by the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency.

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