FANCL Immunity Support Strain Plasma Chewable Type 30 Days

FANCL Immunity Support Strain Plasma Chewable Type 30 Days

FANCL Immunity Support Strain Plasma Chewable Type 30 Days

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Contains 100 billion plasma lactic acid bacteria. A functional food that helps maintain immune function in healthy people (*).
It is a unique carbonated fizzing chewable type that also contains the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and vitamin D. When placed in the mouth and chewed, the bubbles expand and moisten the inside of the mouth with a delicious and refreshing taste. Lemon yogurt flavor. No synthetic colors or preservatives.

Mask, hand wash, and immune support!
Immune Support Chewable type should be chewed and consumed.
⇒ There is also "Immuno-Support Granule Type" which is taken without biting and with water, etc.

Research report on Plasma lactobacillus (L. lactis strain Plasma)
Plasma lactobacillus is an original material being researched by the Kirin Group.

Recommended daily intake
2 capsules *Please follow the recommended daily intake amount and chew as it is.

Functional Ingredients / 2 capsules per day
Plasma lactobacilli (L. lactis strain Plasma): 100 billion

Other Nutritional Ingredients (per 2 capsules per day)
Vitamin D: 5.5μg, Vitamin C: 100mg, Vitamin B2: 0.3mg - No synthetic colors or preservatives

Note on Food with Functional Claims
Unlike Foods for Specified Health Uses, this product has not undergone individual review by the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. It is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease. *The diet should be based on a balance of staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.

Erythritol (manufactured in the U.S.), reduced syrup, sterilized lactic acid bacteria powder, green tea extract / baking soda, vitamin C, cellulose, acidifier, hydroxypropyl cellulose, flavor, magnesium stearate, micro silicon dioxide, vitamin B2, vitamin D, (some contain gelatin)

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