FANCL Moist & Lift Essence 18mL

FANCL Moist & Lift Essence 18mL

FANCL Moist & Lift Essence 18mL

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A moist, rich, highly moisturizing serum that takes a dual approach to skin moisture and anti-aging care. It contains collagen, which tends to be lost with age and stress, and hyaluronic acid, which supports the function of collagen. Daily active care will help achieve fresh and elastic skin.
Application sequence
Facial Cleansing ⇒ Makeup ⇒ Moist & Lift Essence ⇒ Mask ⇒ Mildew* Use morning and evening.

Recommended usage amount
2 pushes

Approximate number of days of use
18mL: For about 30 days

【Fresh Period】
After opening/within 60 days Unopened/within 2 years No preservatives, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum surfactants, or UV absorbers are used. *Low acidity, date of manufacture included.

Caution when sending products by airmail.
*This product is not classified as dangerous goods by the Civil Aeronautics Act.

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