FANCL Multiple Minerals 30 Days

FANCL Multiple Minerals 30 Days

FANCL Multiple Minerals 30 Days

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Essential minerals, which cannot be synthesized by the body, are nutrients essential for good health and can be easily supplemented to provide half* of the daily requirement. The formula is well balanced to prevent nutrient overload. In addition, polyglutamic acid, a sticky ingredient in natto (fermented soybeans), is added to provide calcium, which is difficult to absorb.
50% of the "Reference Values for Nutrient Labeling" (ratio to the standard calorie content of 2,200 kcal for people aged 18 and over)

[Recommended daily intake].
6 capsules

Main ingredients / 6 capsules per day
Calcium: 340 mg, Iron: 3.4 mg, Magnesium: 160 mg, Copper: 0.45 mg, Zinc: 4.4 mg, Manganese: 1.9 mg, Selenium: 14 μg, Chromium: 5 μg, Molybdenum: 12.5 μg, Polyglutamic acid: 60 mg

Nutritional Label
Calcium and magnesium are nutrients necessary for the formation of bones and teeth. Magnesium is necessary for the normal functioning of many enzymes in the body and for energy production, as well as for maintaining normal blood circulation. Iron is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. Copper is a nutrient that aids in the formation of red blood cells. Copper aids in the normal function of many of the body's enzymes and in bone formation. Zinc is a nutrient that is necessary for normal taste perception, helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes, and is involved in protein and nucleic acid metabolism to help maintain good health.

Infants and children should not take this product. (Infants and children can obtain sufficient magnesium, zinc, and copper from their normal diet and do not need to take supplements.) This product is not intended to cure diseases or promote better health when taken in large doses. *Taking large amounts may cause soft stools (diarrhea). Please follow the recommended daily intake. Unlike Foods for Specified Health Use, this product has not undergone individual review by the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency.

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