FANCL Multiple Vitamins 30 Days

FANCL Multiple Vitamins 30 Days

FANCL Multiple Vitamins 30 Days

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It provides a well-balanced supplementation of a daily* supply of vitamins that are often lacking in the diet. In addition, "wisteria tea polyphenol" and "coenzyme Q10" are included to support the vitamins. This is a supplement that not only supplements deficiencies, but also considers efficiency.
100% of the "Reference Values for Nutrient Labeling" (ratio to the standard calorie content of 2,200 kcal for people aged 18 and over)

[daily guideline].
1 capsule

Main ingredients/per capsule per day
Vitamin A: 770μg [beta-carotene: 1.54mg], vitamin D: 5.5μg, vitamin E: 6.3mg, vitamin B1: 1.2mg, vitamin B2: 1.4mg, niacin: 13mg, vitamin B6: 1.3mg, folic acid: 240μg, vitamin B12: 2.4μg, biotin: 50 μg, pantothenic acid: 4.8 mg, vitamin C: 100 mg, coenzyme Q10: 1 mg, rattan tea polyphenol: 1 mg

Nutritional Label
Vitamin B2 and biotin are nutrients that help maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. Vitamin E is a nutrient that helps maintain healthy cells by protecting lipids in the body from oxidation through its antioxidant effect.


This product is not intended to cure diseases or improve health by high intake. The vitamin B2 contained in this product may cause a temporary yellowing of urine. Carotenoids contained in this product may cause yellowing of the skin in rare cases. Unlike food for specified health use, this product has not been individually reviewed by the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency.

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