FANCL Propolis 30 Days

FANCL Propolis 30 Days

FANCL Propolis 30 Days

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Propolis is an ingredient that helps maintain health during the changing seasons. Its raw materials are plant shoots and resins that have the power to protect themselves, and are made by honeybees to protect their hives from external enemies. The extracted flavonoids are efficiently extracted by a special extraction method. A special manufacturing process is used to prevent the extract from adhering to the cup. Only propolis from Brazil, which has a high reputation worldwide, is carefully selected and used.

Recommended daily dosage
Approx. 1ml

Main Ingredients / per 1ml per day
Propolis extract: 250mg, Ethanol content: 70% or less

Allergens (out of 28 items)

Do not consume if you are pregnant, nursing, or a child. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers should not consume this product as it may cause allergic symptoms.

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