FANCL Spots Cover Concealer SPF25 PA++

FANCL Spots Cover Concealer SPF25 PA++ - Light

FANCL Spots Cover Concealer SPF25 PA++

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Just pinpoint the area of concern, such as small spots or acne scars, and blur the surrounding area. This kneadable type product can be easily applied without any technique to cover the area. It also contains beauty ingredients to provide brightening care to areas of concern. Application sequence
If using solid foundation: Makeup base ⇒ SpotzCover Concealer ⇒ Solid foundation - If using liquid foundation: Makeup base ⇒ Liquid foundation ⇒ SpotzCover Concealer (⇒ Finishing powder)

UV protection index
SPF25/PA++ [UV Protection Index]

Freshness period
Within 1 year after opening the package/without opening the package/within 3 years. No preservatives, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, or UV absorbers are used. Packing date included. Noncomedogenic tested. Allergy tested. This does not mean that allergy, skin irritation, or comedogenesis will not occur in all users.

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