HABA UV Cut 30g SPF50 PA+++

HABA UV Cut 3g SPF5 PA+++, $90以上
HABA UV Cut 3g SPF5 PA+++, $90以上
HABA UV Cut 3g SPF5 PA+++, $90以上
HABA UV Cut 3g SPF5 PA+++, $90以上

HABA UV Cut 30g SPF50 PA+++

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SPF50/PA+++ all-day sun protection, no matter how strong the UV rays are!
The gentle physical sunscreen with a watery, lightweight texture allows you to easily beat the sun and shine with moisture at all times!

3 advanced beauty powers to create an all-day UV protection network

Sun protection. Sunscreen. Protection. Moisturizing. 5 in 1
SPF50/PA+++ high sun protection, strong UV blocking, prevent spots and fine lines; new upgraded formula, enhance the beauty care and protection function. A light moisturizing effect can remove dullness and brighten skin tone.

Protects against damage and protects your skin
The new formula is made with 4 major flower and fruit botanicals including Myrtle Fruit Extract, European Bilberry Leaf Extract, Scutellaria Root Extract and Himalayan Raspberry Root Extract to fight against UV rays. It has both moisturizing and protective effects to prevent dryness caused by UV rays.

Lightweight and hydrating, gentle and reassuring
A gentle physical sunscreen formula with a light, watery texture that pushes out easily and gives you a fresh, comfortable feeling. Squalane, floating extracts and other beauty ingredients give skin a moisturized and hydrated feeling all day long.
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