HACCI Cleansing Oil in Cream 130g

HACCI Cleansing Oil in Cream 130g

HACCI Cleansing Oil in Cream 130g

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Introducing a new and innovative cleansing time that melts away your happy memories gently. With its rich cream and beauty oil, it transforms your skin into a soft and touchable texture that you'll want to keep touching.

From its smooth and rich cream, the carefully selected five types of butter melt into your skin, pampering and deeply caring for your skin after a long day. With the power of beauty oil, it effortlessly removes makeup and leaves your skin moisturized and soft, making you forget that you even washed your face with its rich cream packed with beauty ingredients. Even skin that is tense and stiffened by daily pressures will be loosened and relaxed by its melting gentleness, transforming into a youthful and hopeful expression filled with radiance for tomorrow.

Happiness skin born from two expressions
When you apply the smooth and rich cream onto your skin, it instantly becomes light and fluffy. The five plant butters* melt into a beauty oil, signaling the time to rinse it off. It quickly and effectively removes makeup. The beauty ingredients in the cream pamper and deeply care for your skin, leaving it soft and fluffy.

Softens and relaxes the skin, creating a clear complexion
Beeswax* and baobab seed oil* gently relax and provide firmness to stiffened skin, while centifolia rose flower extract* and edelweiss callus culture extract* gently care for skin that is exposed to daily environmental stress, promoting beauty and creating a clear expression that exudes vitality.

From a delicate girl to an elegant lady
The fragrance changes from a delicate and transparent green floral to a clear and calm scent that embodies the elegance and sweetness of an adult.

*Moisturizing ingredients

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