HACCI Lipstick

HACCI Lipstick
HACCI Lipstick
HACCI Lipstick
HACCI Lipstick
HACCI Lipstick
HACCI Lipstick

HACCI Lipstick

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Melting, melting, and mesmerizing smoothness.
The harmonious combination of honey and butter creates happiness.
With this rich honey lip treatment, you can achieve moisturized, glossy, and plump lips.
As soon as it touches your lips, it melts and spreads like silk, giving you a mesmerizing sensation. The secret lies in two types of butter that melt at body temperature. It gently wraps dry lips and delivers abundant moisture brought by honey¹, royal jelly extract¹, and beeswax¹ to your lips. The natural beauty ingredients create a deep golden color.
This intensive treatment lip balm is fragrance-free and can be used smartly for 24 hours.

As soon as it touches your lips, it melts and becomes a rich treatment lip balm.
"Sarasouju butter²," known as one of the sacred trees of Buddhism in northern India, adds smoothness. "Avocado butter³," which melts like fresh cream from avocado, adds moisture and firmness. The combination of two butters that melt at body temperature and honey creates a new sensation of smoothness for your lips.

Moisturized, glossy, and plump. Bringing happiness to your lips for 24 hours.
The blessings of bees, such as honey, royal jelly extract¹, and beeswax¹, combined with hyaluronic acid sodium¹, add moisture to your lips. Skin-friendly mineral oil⁴ and soybean oil⁴ create a soft shine by enveloping your lips. Beauty ingredients⁵ that focus on plump lips create a moist and firm impression. Apply a layer before going to bed to continuously protect your lips for 24 hours.

Fragrance-free, natural color, and natural rosy lips.
The deep golden color is the natural color of carrot root extract¹ (pale yellow) and purple root extract¹ (red-purple). They support the healthiness of your lips and give them a natural rosy color.

*¹ Moisturizing ingredients
*² Moisturizing ingredient: Sarasouju seed fat
*³ Moisturizing ingredient: Hydrogenated avocado oil
*⁴ Emollient ingredients
*⁵ Conditioning ingredients

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