HACCI Skip Wash 16pcs

HACCI Skip Wash 16pcs

HACCI Skip Wash 16pcs

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Honey Enzyme Face Cleansing Powder "Skip Wash

Adopts "Honey Powder Coating Formulation" which is highly praised by beauty experts.
Two types of enzyme powder are coated with honey powder*, which is full of skin beautifying ingredients, using our unique technology to remove roughness and dirt from the skin and pores that cannot be removed by washing the face alone.
*Honey, royal jelly, and propolis extract

The snow-like powder covered with honey has a smooth texture that will revolutionize the concept of enzyme face wash.

Each use improves skincare penetration, makeup application, and mood!
We hope you will incorporate it into your daily face wash routine to experience beautiful, moist and smooth skin.

The Honey Rose fragrance will fill you with a sense of happiness.

Please note when opening the package
Skip Wash is packaged in a tightly closed aluminum package to seal in the microparticulate enzymes. It may be difficult to open the package with wet hands, so please use dry hands to open the package.

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