HACCI Tint Oil Lip SPF 7g

HACCI Tint Oil Lip SPF 7g

HACCI Tint Oil Lip SPF 7g

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Lips that are colored with the power of water. Melts like a fondant chocolate, my own creamy pink.

A tint oil lip that harnesses the power of UV rays to make your lips shine. A long-lasting tint oil type with beautiful color retention. Changes color depending on the moisture level and dyes your lips to your own shade. This year's color is a creamy fondant pink that melts like butter. It naturally blends with your skin tone and enhances the beauty of your skin.

1. A hidden technique for enjoying the sun. Contains tomato fruit extract*¹. Tomato fruit extract*¹, which contains natural carotenoids, cares for UV damage and brightens and adds shine to your lips when exposed to light. Just apply it and turn on the radiance.

2. Moisture, firmness, and lips that shine in the sun. Give your lips the strength to withstand the sun's damage! Contains Marula oil (Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil)*². This rare natural oil from Africa is highly valued for its high nutritional value, rich in oleic acid and other nutrients. It protects your lips from UV damage and nourishes them to make them smooth and moisturized. Charge your lips with shine and moisture with honey*², marshmallow root extract*¹, and six types of plant oils*².

3. A fresh and vibrant impression with the freshness of colorful flowers. A floral bouquet woven with 11 types of essential oils, adding a refreshing touch. With a fresh orange scent and refreshing green notes of eucalyptus and rosemary, adding a hint of spiciness, enveloped in the floral scent of palmarosa oil and the elegant and glamorous damask rose. It evokes the summer sunshine and makes you want to leisurely enjoy the beautiful sea. A floral bouquet for adults.

*¹Skin conditioning ingredients
*²Moisturizing ingredients

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