MiMC Melano Escape Shot CC

MiMC Melano Escape Shot CC
MiMC Melano Escape Shot CC

MiMC Melano Escape Shot CC

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[Medical Whitening Multistick] SPF28・PA++

Targeted Care for Stubborn Dark Spots: Achieve Intensive Whitening from the Source with Vitamin C Derivative*1. This medicinal whitening multistick simultaneously provides whitening and UV protection.

Following the release of the medicinal concentrated whitening stick "Melano Escape Shot VC" in September 2022, we have developed a UV care and tinted type that is more specialized for daytime use. The functionality of "Melano Escape Shot VC," which focuses on intensive care for existing dark spots and freckles, remains the same, while adding UV protection to prevent new dark spots. It is a multi-functional product for daytime care that achieves both whitening and UV protection, as well as enhancing the appearance of the skin with color control.

Ideal for delicate care in areas of concern, such as dry and irritated skin after laser treatment.

*1 Vitamin C phosphate Mg (active ingredient)
*2 "Whitening" in the text refers to suppressing the production of melanin and preventing dark spots and freckles.

- Concentrated whitening that targets specific areas and approaches the root of dark spots with intensive care.
- A multitasking stick that provides both whitening and UV protection while wearing makeup.
- Supports a healthy, radiant complexion with a translucent glow using naturally derived ingredients.

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