MiMC Mineral Milky UV Protect 30mL

MiMC Mineral Milky UV Protect 30mL
MiMC Mineral Milky UV Protect 30mL

MiMC Mineral Milky UV Protect 30mL

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Limited release: UV Milk with Mineral Formula that controls "glow" for a flawless complexion. Designed for transparency and daytime skincare, this multifunctional care*1 ensures long-lasting beautiful skin.

After a long development period of 8 years, we have achieved the goal of a sunscreen with the highest domestic standard value*2 (SPF50+・PA++++). It is a mineral-based sunscreen that can be easily removed with soap and acts as a makeup base without leaving a white cast.

We also focused on the texture, ensuring that it spreads easily without feeling sticky while providing ample moisture, resulting in a transparent finish that resembles bare skin. In addition to sun protection, it also addresses wrinkles and firmness, providing skincare benefits from various angles to protect the skin from pollution*3.

This highly anticipated UV Milk, made possible by MiMC's technological expertise, will protect your skin from daily damage and lead you to a beautiful bare skin.

*1 Sunscreen, makeup base, skincare
*2 Highest value according to Japanese labeling regulations
*3 By forming a film on the skin, it protects the skin from fine particles such as pollen and dirt, but it does not prevent the adhesion of all substances.

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