Orbis Amber Glow Pre-Serum 28mL

Orbis Amber Glow Pre-Serum 28mL
Orbis Amber Glow Pre-Serum 28mL

Orbis Amber Glow Pre-Serum 28mL

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Introducing a new brand from Orbis, "Orbis Amber," which aims to achieve a healthy and youthful overall impression for adults. This brand proposes authentic aging care tailored for the adult generation, focusing on collagen and ceramide, which decrease with age. It condenses the skincare routine for multiple skin concerns such as dullness, spots, wrinkles, and dryness into two steps. With a high-quality and lightweight step-less skincare, it allows you to achieve smarter and easier skincare.

"Orbis Amber Glow Pre-Serum" is an "oil-in-first type" beauty serum that quickly blends and softens the skin of the adult generation, leading to a firm and supple complexion. It targets the texture of the skin's stratum corneum, which becomes layered and hardened, and by gently preparing the stratum corneum as the first skincare step after cleansing, it enhances moisture and radiance. It guides the skin to a soft and supple complexion that can retain moisture more easily.

※1 Gives the skin firmness and a youthful impression
※2 Skincare tailored for age
※3 Dullness caused by dryness
※4 The first skincare step after cleansing

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