SHIRO Sake Kasu Lotion

SHIRO Sake Kasu Lotion, $90以上, Moisturiser, Moisturising Water, shiro

SHIRO Sake Kasu Lotion

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SHIRO Sake Meal Toner 120mL

The star product "Sake Meal Toner" with the highest return rate.

This lotion is made from pure rice wine meal produced by the traditional sake brewery Kobayashi Sake.
The ingredients are reduced and only the essence of the sake meal is extracted as the main ingredient. Because the ingredients are pure, you can feel the most direct care effect, and this is SHIRO's popular product, Sake Meal Toner.

It quickly penetrates the skin and replenishes moisture and a sense of well-being. This toner quickly hydrates and moisturizes dry, dull skin, creating bright, soft skin.
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