THREE Balancing Body Uv Protector 80mL

THREE Balancing Body Uv Protector 80mL

THREE Balancing Body Uv Protector 80mL

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80mL Natural ingredients 94%SPF50/PA++++ UV absorber freeTreat your skin to a silky smooth skin and protect your summer body seamlessly with SPF50 protection. A body protector with high protection against UV rays from leisure activities and non-greasy feel. It spreads quickly, evenly, and densely. It spreads quickly and evenly, covering the arms and bare skin with a comfortable veil of protection to give the impression of beautiful skin. Place an appropriate amount vertically in the direction of application and spread. Apply to the left hand, then the right hand. Apply in the order of your left hand, then your right hand. Main moisturizing and emollient ingredients〈Essential oils〉Frankincense oil, rosemary oil, bergamot fruit oil, lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, tea tree oil〈Vegetable oils and fats〉Jojoba oil, olive oil, tea seed oil, argan oil, shea butter〈Botanical waters〉Rosemary oil, apple fruit water, bearberry water, and tea tree oil (botanical water) apple fruit water, bear grass water (extract) yerba mate tea leaf extract, Chinese rosebay extract, cumin extract ■Protective ingredients: fossilized coral powder, silica

Manufacturer's name or seller's name: THREE

Product Classification: Cosmetics

Country of Origin: Japan

Volume: 80mL

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