THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil N 185mL

THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil N 185mL

THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil N 185mL

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High cleansing power and treatment power like a beauty essence. Leaves skin moist and smooth. This cleansing oil is rich in plant oils and extracts. The clear herbal fragrance will refresh you after a long day of use and deepen your breathing. <1. Apply a small amount (3-4 pumps) to dry hands and place on chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead. 2. Cover the tip of the nose with both hands and gently blend with makeup in a small circular motion from the center of the face outward while enjoying the fragrance. 3. Rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. 4. Wash with a facial cleanser. NATURAL INGREDIENTS 93% (ISO16128 compliant, including water)-...Ingredients: - Moisturizing and emollient ingredients [essential oils] orange peel oil / frankincense oil / bergamot fruit oil / marjoram oil / rosemary oil / petitgrain oil [botanical extracts]. Saffron & bird's-dog complex / dio extract / ginseng extract / bokuryo extract [vegetable oil] Tea seed oil / olive oil / soybean oil / borage oil / moringa oil

Manufacturer's name or seller's name: THREE

Product Classification: Cosmetics

Country of Origin: Japan

Volume: 185mL

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