THREE Balancing Nectar Lotion 120mL

THREE Balancing Nectar Lotion 120mL

THREE Balancing Nectar Lotion 120mL

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Moisture wrap with a mild, serum-grade thickening. Leaves skin moist and soft. Rich texture like nectar blended with essential oils and botanical water derived from fruits. The naturally occurring thickening ingredients act as a "disappearing wrap" that envelops the essential oils and penetrates into the skin (stratum corneum), leaving it moist and soft. It contains extracts rich in useful ingredients such as phytochemicals and botanical water. It also contains botanical water and extracts rich in phytochemicals and other useful ingredients to moisturize and firm the skin. <Apply a small amount (2-3 pumps) to hands. 2. Gently massage from the center of the face outward while enjoying the fragrance. 3. Natural origin index 94% (ISO 16128 compliant, including water) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Essential Oils: Holy Basil Oil, Frankincense Oil, Bergamot Fruit Oil, Marjoram Oil, Rosemary Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Laurel Oil, Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Lavender Oil, Lavender Oil, Laurel Oil Saffron & Bird's Duck Complex / Mulberry Fruit Extract / Acai Fruit Extract / Zio Extract / Peony Root Extract / Ginseng Extract / Bokuryo Extract [Botanical Water / Fruit Juice] Apricot Juice / Apple Fruit Water [Vegetable Oil Tea seed oil [add-on ingredients] arginine/ panthenol

Manufacturer's name or seller's name: THREE

Product Classification: Cosmetics

Country of Origin: Japan

Volume: 120mL

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