THREE Balancing Sq Lip Balm 7g

THREE Balancing Sq Lip Balm 7g

THREE Balancing Sq Lip Balm 7g

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A concentrated lip balm that intensively cares for dry, damaged lips. The solid balm melts in the skin to smooth and condition your lips while you sleep. The sweet and fruity aroma of essential oils relaxes and soothes.

Apply a small amount of the balm to your fingertips and gently smooth over your lips. Apply a small amount to your fingertips and apply gently to your lips. Key Ingredients African mango butter (African mango kernel fat): Vegetable butter obtained from the seeds of the African mango tree (Lepidoptera: Lepidoptera) by the cold-pressing method. It keeps lips moist, protected, and soft. Uraboshi Yahuzu ExtractExtracted from marine brown algae of the family Amygdalidae. It is expected to support the elasticity* of the lips and keep them plump. *The elasticity of the skin.

Main moisturizing and emollient ingredients〈Essential oils〉Frankincense oil, bergamot fruit oil, geranium oil, marjoram oil, mandarin orange peel oil〈Vegetable oils and fats〉Amani oil, olive oil, tea seed oil, jojoba oil, African mango butter, beeswax〈Extract〉Uraboshiyajazu extract, Cha flower extract

Manufacturer's name or seller's name: THREE

Product Parcel Classification: Cosmetics

Country of Origin: Japan

Content: 7g

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