THREE Balancing White Clear Essence 30Ml Spf50 Pa++++

THREE Balancing White Clear Essence 30Ml Spf50 Pa++++

THREE Balancing White Clear Essence 30Ml Spf50 Pa++++

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30mL 〔醫薬部 quasi drug〕Naturally derived ingredients 95

A booster serum to be used first after cleansing. It whitens and moisturizes the skin while balancing the moisture content.

A booster-type medicated whitening serum that blends essential oils* based on patchouli oil, giving off an oriental aroma, and blends easily into the skin, leaving it smooth and refreshed. The whitening active ingredient arbutin suppresses melanin production and prevents spots**. A blend of botanical ingredients balances skin moisture and protects against dryness, leaving skin bright and smooth.
*Labeled ingredient name: Fragrance
**Inhibits melanin production and prevents spots and freckles.

The active ingredient 2K glycyrrhizinate prevents rough skin.
Use as a booster serum before lotion.
Contains Frankincense oil, Rosemary oil, and other essential oil blends unique to the Balancing Line.
The fragrance of oriental green floral fragrance envelops the skin.

Directions for use
After cleansing and before toner, apply an appropriate amount (1~2 pushes) to the entire face.

Main ingredients
Essential oil (name of ingredients indicated: fragrance)
Patchouli oil*, Frankincense oil*, Rosemary oil*, Bergamot fruit oil* (Fragrance)
Vegetable oil (base)
Jojoba oil*, rosehip oil, meadowfoam oil, olive oil (moisturizing ingredient)
Plant extracts (moisturizing ingredients)
Elderberry extract, hibiscus extract (A), thyme extract-1, asparagus linearis extract (moisturizing component)
Botanical water (moisturizing ingredients)
Orange flower water (moisturizing ingredient)

Manufacturer's name or seller's name: THREE

Product category: Quasi-drug for medical use

Country of origin: Japan

Content: 30ml

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