THREE Indestructible Eyeliner

THREE Indestructible Eyeliner
THREE Indestructible Eyeliner

THREE Indestructible Eyeliner

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Emotional colors, like painting an unfading landscape. A liquid eyeliner with unique color and drawing comfort that creates unimaginable creations for your eyes. Multiple tones intersect in a single stroke to express depth and breadth. Sometimes thick and strong. Sometimes thin and delicate. The soft yet firm felt brush tip controls both straight and curved lines and shades. Water-proof and smudge-proof formula that fits lightly on the eyelid and lasts for a long time. While maintaining its beauty, it can be easily removed with warm water at the end of the day. *Shake well while keeping the cap closed before use. *Keep brush tip facing down during storage and use. *The first time you use the brush or if you leave the brush tip facing up, the color may seem lighter. In this case, leave the brush tip face down with the cap on for a while, shake it well, and check the color on the back of your hand before use. *If eye shadow or foundation gets on the brush tip, wipe it off with tissue paper before use. Ingredients] ■5 botanical extracts (moisturizing ingredients): Cha leaf extract, argan tree extract, jojoba leaf extract, rose hip extract, bilberry leaf extract.

Manufacturer's name or seller's name: THREE

Product Classification: Cosmetics

Country of Origin: Japan

Content: g

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