Tunemakers Clay Mask 100g

Tunemakers Clay Mask 100g
Tunemakers Clay Mask 100g
Tunemakers Clay Mask 100g
Tunemakers Clay Mask 100g
Tunemakers Clay Mask 100g
Tunemakers Clay Mask 100g
Tunemakers Clay Mask 100g

Tunemakers Clay Mask 100g

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1. Dirt can be removed by the absorption power of Okinawan Clay

Marine silt, an ultra-fine particle clay from Okinawa with excellent adsorption power, was carefully selected from a wide variety of domestic and foreign clays. It goes deep into pores and firmly adsorbs sebum, keratin plugs, and blackened pore dirt caused by oxidized sebum.

2. Golden ratio to soften skin

Three undiluted ingredients with keratin softening effects are used. The best ratio (pore-clearing ratio) was developed from among the myriad of possible ratio patterns. This softens the horny layer and makes it easier for dirt to be absorbed by the clay.

3. Beauty ingredients continue to permeate the skin

No matter how good the ingredients are for the skin, if the texture dries out, penetration will stop there. Undiluted Clay Mask has an "adhesive paste formula" that does not dry out and keeps its adhesive feeling. The beauty ingredients continue to permeate the skin as long as it is on the skin.

The shiny, creamy texture stays moist until rinsed off. There is no need to worry that clay will dry out your skin and make it flaky.


So, it is perfect for the following problems:

Blackheads on the nose and pores are a concern
Using foundation or base that covers pores
I feel that my daily face wash is not enough to remove the dirt from my pores
I am trying various pore care products, but I don't feel that they are getting cleaner
Frequent use of face wash makes my skin dry and pores look bigger.

Don't you find that frequent use dries out your skin and makes your pores more noticeable?

We have also formulated a pore care solution that moisturizes and tightens pore skin each time it is used.
In fact, the undiluted clay mask is also formulated with an undiluted solution to condition the skin around pores.
Witch hazel extract tightens pores, while ceramide and vitamin C derivative moisturize the skin, leaving it clean and clear. CICA extract is blended to prevent rough skin to keep the skin in good condition.

It is also suitable for sensitive skin.

There is no need to scrub, just apply and rinse, so there is no frictional stress.
Also, because it contains no extra ingredients, the necessary ingredients reach the skin directly*.
6 additives-free

What is it like to use?

It is moist, smooth, and has a subtle cooling sensation when applied to the skin.
When you put it on your skin, it gives off a pleasant cool feeling and a subtle, refreshing fragrance. Enjoy the feeling of a clay spa while relaxing at home.

Recommended usage

After cleansing, with hands and skin dry, apply an appropriate amount to skin, avoiding the eye and mouth area, and rinse off after 5-10 minutes.
Not only face, but also neck and back. You can also use it on places where you are worried about pockmarks, dullness, or roughness.
Can be used partially or on the entire face.
Effective when used 1-2 times a week.

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