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TUNEMAKERS Ginseng Extract Original 10mL

Regulates moisture, promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and
Rejuvenates the skin and improves darkness and dark circles around the eyes.
No mineral oil, no alcohol, no coloring, no fragrance, no
No parabens, no petroleum-based surfactants.
Promotes blood circulation around the eyes|Improves dark circles
Ginseng is a sacred product that has been used since ancient times.
It is rich in ginsenosides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients for beauty.
It nourishes and regulates moisture to improve dryness and dullness of the skin.

TUNEMAKERS' Ginseng Liquid promotes blood circulation and improves the appearance of dullness around the eyes.
It effectively improves the dark circles under the eyes caused by late nights, fatigue, and slow blood circulation due to aging.
Ginseng is also known as Korean ginseng, and as the name suggests, the country of origin is Korea.

In Japan, the cultivation was started by the Edo Shogunate.
In Japan, it was cultivated by the Edo Shogunate and was called "Imperial Ginseng" because it was obtained from the Shogun and other people.
It was also called "Imperial Ginseng" and became widely known.
Water, BG, ginseng root extract
How to use
1 As an eye treatment: Apply 1-2 drops directly to the skin around the eyes to promote blood circulation and improve dark circles.
2 As a beauty lotion: Apply 2-3 drops to the face after using toner.
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