VA Cream 30g

VA Cream 30g
VA Cream 30g
VA Cream 30g

VA Cream 30g

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Introducing the pinnacle of skincare with the luxurious combination of four types of retinol*1, our new night cream!

By incorporating various retinol-related ingredients, including pure retinol and linoleic acid retinol known for addressing complex skin concerns, as well as hydrogenated retinol that protects the skin from dryness damage, and the next-generation retinol known as bakuchiol, we have achieved deep penetration*1 into the skin. This cream helps prevent skin roughness, improves skin texture by correcting the disrupted turnover of the stratum corneum, and promotes firmness, radiance, and transparency*2, while also reducing the appearance of dryness-induced fine lines*3.

- Retinol (Pure retinol): Excellent penetration*1, provides a high sense of anti-aging care*4, and imparts firmness and radiance.
- Linoleic acid retinol: Penetrates the skin and breaks down into linoleic acid and retinol, adding radiance from within.
- Hydrogenated retinol: Resistant to heat, light, and oxygen, and has excellent oxidation stability. Leads to a fresh and resilient skin.
- Bakuchiol: A plant-derived retinol-like ingredient that provides firmness to the skin and wraps it in moisture.

This night care cream is formulated with a luxurious balance of moisturizing ingredients to care for aging signs while you sleep, leading to a skin full of firmness and radiance. In addition to retinol, it contains five types of botanical oils*5 that soften and moisturize the skin, six types of peptides*6 and placenta extract*7 that enhance firmness and transparency, as well as silver ear mushroom polysaccharide*7 that guides the skin to a fresh and hydrated state, and other beauty ingredients that provide aftercare for damaged skin.

Despite its rich texture, this cream does not leave a sticky feeling and instead wraps around the skin like a cocoon, allowing the beauty ingredients to penetrate the skin*1 while providing a pleasant and comfortable sensation.

This product is free from mineral oil, petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, UV absorbers, colorants, fragrances, synthetic antioxidants, ethanol, and parabens. Patch tested (does not guarantee that it will not cause skin troubles for everyone).

*1 Retinol, linoleic acid retinol, hydrogenated retinol, bakuchiol
*2 Moisturizing power within &be

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