&be Black Sponge

&be Black Sponge
&be Black Sponge

&be Black Sponge

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Cone shape with meticulous attention to detail

The bottom of the sponge is used to apply to large surfaces, the sides are used to extend the application of concealer and other products and to blur the borders between them, and the tip is used for the crease of the nose and small areas around the eyes, making it possible to finish all details without omission.


Feels comfortable when wearing makeup

Urethane puff with smooth surface. The smooth skin feel reduces friction stress of the puff as much as possible. The softness of the puff, which determines the impression of touch, is also carefully considered so that the user feels comfortable while applying makeup.


Exquisite size designed to be easy to hold in a woman's hand

The size shape allows you to grip and move it easily without extra effort, so you can use the sponge nonstressfully.


Both powder and liquid products are OK

Powder or liquid, any product blends naturally
Works well for extending liquid primers and sunscreens, as well as blending in concealers. This multi-use sponge puff can also be used to blend highlighters and apply presto powder.


Can be used with water

When you use it with water and squeeze it tightly, it is possible to finish base makeup with water.
If you want to apply powder products naturally, or if you want to apply makeup while tightening pores, try using with water.

How to use

Use the bottom of the sponge for cheeks and forehead, and the thin end for eyes, crease, nose, etc. Apply the powder or highlighter by gliding it on lightly as if dabbing it on. The side of the sponge is ideal for blending liquid foundation, concealer or shading directly onto the skin.

Care Instructions

Wash with a mild detergent and lukewarm water, then drain. Then wrap with a dry towel and hang dry in the shade in a well-ventilated area.