FANCL Enrich Lotion 30mL

FANCL Enrich Lotion 30mL

FANCL Enrich Lotion 30mL

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A medicated cosmetic solution containing wrinkle-improving active ingredients (*1). It penetrates deep into the dermis layer of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen, thereby improving wrinkles in earnest. In addition, the unique triple firmness ingredient (*2), which focuses on the "quality" of collagen, helps to achieve firm and resilient skin that feels as if it is being pushed back.

Application sequence
Face wash ⇒ Makeup ⇒ Essence ⇒ Mask ⇒ MILK

Approximate amount to use
1 x 100-yen coin

Number of days of use
30mL: For about 30 days

【Freshness Period】
opened/within 60 days
unopened/within 2 years
No preservatives, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum surfactants, or UV absorbers are used. *Low acidity, date of manufacture included.