Lion PAIR Acne

Lion PAIR Acne, $90以上, Acne & Oil Control, For Acne, lion
Lion PAIR Acne, $90以上, Acne & Oil Control, For Acne, lion

Lion PAIR Acne

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LION Lion King PAIR Acne Cream
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Product Features

IPPN + IPMP is a dual therapy to eliminate acne, reduce redness and anti-inflammation
Eliminates fatty pimples, bacteria, redness and swelling
Weak acidity, close to the skin's pH value
Light and easy to absorb, very mild, non-sticky
Low stimulation pure plant ingredients, and pleasant fragrance

Product Benefits
Anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, inhibits and discharges cellulite
Product Description

LION PAIR Acne Cream W is an acne cream that targets redness and pus.
It can effectively discharge the fatty grains in the skin, kill the cause bacteria and eliminate the redness and swelling.
For "growing" acne, it can inhibit the formation of fatty grains and gradually eliminate them.
For "mature" acne, it can release the fatty grains and treat them from the root of the acne.
Anti-inflammatory agent IPPN and antibacterial agent IPMP are added to effectively combat acne.
The anti-inflammatory agent IPPN (Ibuprofen piconol) can inhibit acne caused by acne bacteria, and it can also relieve pain and reduce inflammation to cure acne at the root.
The antibacterial agent IPMP (Isopropylmethylphenol) can kill the acne bacteria that worsen acne and prevent acne from worsening and persisting.

How to use

Cleanse skin thoroughly.
Remove an appropriate amount of cream with fingertips and gently apply to acne-prone areas.
Allow to dry and then apply a moisturizing product to the skin.
If applied immediately at the beginning of acne/blackhead formation, it can effectively inhibit the growth of acne and leave less marks. Please do not squeeze, touch or irritate the affected area after use.
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